A Candid Interview With Most Preferred Investment Speaker, Adam Khoo

MR ADAM KHOO, Most Preferred Investment Speaker

Transforming lives since 2002, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) was voted the “Most Preferred Financial Educator” at the ShareInvestor awards of 2016.

We sat down with professional stock investor and chairman of AKLTG, Adam Khoo, to seek his thoughts on how investors can maximize their returns on their investments.

Congratulations on winning the Most Preferred Financial Educator and Most Preferred Investment Speaker awards!

Adam: Thank you! I am heartened to know that the investing public has once again made us their preferred choice. It is an honour and privilege to receive this vote of confidence.

Why did you start your company’s flagship stock investment programme, Wealth Academy™ in 2004?

Adam: I believe that investing is a life-skill that everyone needs to learn. Given the effects of inflation and the uncertainties in the job market, it is very hard for an average person to be financially secure, unless he supplements his income through other means, such as investing.

However, many people tend to invest based on rumours or “stock tips”. Some people get lucky but the vast majority don’t get lucky. As a result, they lose a lot of money and feel overwhelmed.

Hence I started Wealth Academy™ to help retail investors avoid these painful mistakes and losses. At Wealth Academy™, I educate people that investing is something that can be very safe and profitable. When empowered with this knowledge, you find that an average person earning an average salary, can be financially secured for the rest of his life.

Wealth Academy™ Family

What are the keys to profitable investing?

Adam: To me, there are 4 tenets to investment success. The first is, knowing what to buy. That’s identifying good businesses that are making good profits. Trouble is, most investors only focus on this. Even though they bought the right stock, they may still end up losing money. That’s because knowing what to buy accounts for only 20% of your success.

Knowing how much to buy accounts for 10% of your success. That’s risk management. If you buy too much of a stock and you get it wrong, you lose everything. And if you buy too little and the stock goes up, you don’t make enough.

Next is knowing when to buy or market timing. And that is reading the emotions of the market using technical analysis and riding on trends. This accounts for 30% of your success.

The remaining 40% of your success is knowing when to sell. That also depends on market timing, knowing when trends change from an uptrend to a downtrend.

I believe that investing is a life-skill that everyone needs to learn

How can investors profit consistently in the market?

Adam: Most investors only know how to make money when stocks go up. When it goes down, they start getting upset. That’s not how professionals make money. We make money whether the stock market go up or down. Hence, investors also must learn how to short the market and make money when stocks go down.

Can anyone learn to invest successfully?

Adam: Yes! And that includes people with no financial background. We have people from all walks of life attending Wealth Academy™, from doctors, homemakers to business owners and pilots.

Many of our graduates are generating a consistent stream of income from stocks. Others have recouped their losses prior to the programme and have become very profitable. A handful of our graduates went on to become professional traders and fund managers.

Some of my students achieve success a lot faster than I did. That’s because what I teach at Wealth Academy™ is the essence of what I have learnt from my 20 plus years of experience. What’s more, it is a hands-on, mentorship program where graduates meet every month to exchange investment ideas. Hence my students get to cut short their learning curve and achieve success in a shorter time.

What advice do you have for aspiring investors?

Adam: One of the best advice is something that I have learnt through Warren Buffett, and that is “the greatest investment you can make is first an investment in yourself”. In other words, before you invest in stocks or properties, invest in your own education because that will give you the highest return on your investment.

The same article can be found on The Straits Times and The Business Times on 28th Sep 2016. You can also download the full article at http://einvesthub.btinvest.com.sg/system/misc/SI_Awards/2016/index.

To attend Adam’s 3-hour stock investing workshop, simply reserve your seat.

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