In 2005, self-made millionaire Adam Khoo created Wealth Academy™ to teach people investing, business, and money management principles he has used to become a millionaire many times over.

Wealth Academy™ is Asia’s leading financial training school and we have helped thousands of people create multiple streams of income and achieve financial success. We conduct stock investing workshops around the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines) designed to help both beginners and savvy investors reach their financial freedom goals.

Wealth Academy™ has helped over 8,000 newbie investors build their passive income from scratch and turned them into knowledgeable investors.

Our objective is to teach aspiring investors what is necessary and giving them a head start in their investment journey. We are here to help shorten learning curves to achieve financial goals in the shortest period possible.

Since 2005, we have changed the financial mindset of many of our students through our programme.

Wealth Academy™ is a stock investing workshop where we will be focusing on the psychology, strategies, and fundamentals of being a successful investor.

At Wealth Academy, Adam shares all the essentials you must know to become a profitable investor, using his powerful Value Momentum Investing™ and Momentum Trend Trading™ strategies.

To bring out the practical aspects of stock investing in a classroom setting, we have specially created the Millionaire Challenge – a simulated stock investing game.

Rather than branding us as a class, we pride ourselves as a community that brings our members together, providing them with both online and physical resources as needed.

With Wealth Academy™, anyone can learn to invest.

Wealth Academy™ is a masterclass by Piranha Profits™ Online School.