When Was The Last Time You Upgraded Yourself?

In today’s fast paced world, have you ever paused for a moment and asked yourself, “When was the last time I upgraded myself”. And more importantly, is your current skill-set still relevant?

Are You Programming Your Mind to Succeed or to Fail?

If you are constantly broke, it is because you have programmed yourself to be broke. If you are constantly attracting wealth, it is because you have programmed your mind to be rich. If you are constantly happy and cheerful, it’s because you have programmed yourself to be happy.

The Traders Journey

For those of you who are short term traders, we think that this is a great article on the different phases that traders go through…. from a beginner to a professional trader making money consistently. As you read the article, start to reflect which phase you are now at in your journey…

Winners Take Calculated Risks!

Risk Taking. How do you feel about it? What thoughts and emotions do you associate with the act of taking risks? Are they negative or positive? Most people have negative thoughts and feelings about taking risks.

Habits Make You Successful Or They Destroy You!

One of the strongest determinants of our life’s success or failures is our habits. They are the internal forces that control most of our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and results.

Problems Are The Ultimate Key To Wealth And Success!

Do you have problems in your life right now? If you are a living, breathing, human being, I would bet the answer is ‘yes’. This is because every single person on this planet has problems all the time. You are not alone!