Learn until you succeed with the Wealth Academy™ Support System.

Unlike some investing crash courses out there, your journey with Wealth Academy™ doesn’t just end after a 4-day programme. Our team of financial educators know all too well that investors need time, practice and guidance to master these skills.

That’s why we designed the Wealth Academy™ Masterclass with a robust Support System in place to support you on every step of your learning journey – even after you complete the live classes. You’ll gain access to all the tools, mentoring and resources you need to make your first pot of gold from the stock market.

Online Live Training

Many of our students are newbies to the stock market and have little to zero prior knowledge on stock investing and trading platforms. This is why we have special 2-hour preparatory classes scheduled for you before the main 4-day live Masterclass.

These classes help you resolve any technical issues and familiarise you with various charting software, so you are more equipped for the training ahead.

Thereafter, the 4-day intensive live Masterclass will span across two weeks of content-rich online sessions. Interactive learning via hands-on guided practice, presentations and real-time Q&A will keep you engaged as you master the Wealth Academy™ curriculum.

Wealth Academy™ also offers lifetime re-attendance for all students who wish to take the live classes again.

Peer Monitoring & Community Support

If you are committed to honing your investing and trading skills to the next level and meeting more like-minded individuals to discuss investment strategies together, joining the Wealth Academy™ Investors Inner Circle (WAIIC), our graduates-only exclusive club, is an excellent way to get the support that you need.

Exclusive Video Tutorials

To complement the live training, you will gain early access to online video tutorials covering the entire curriculum of Wealth Academy™ on our e-learning platform. This includes topics from the 4-day live training, preparatory classes and booster sessions.

These videos will be available for your access on our e-learning platform indefinitely, and are constantly reviewed and revised by Adam and his team, so that the content taught will always stay relevant.

With this, new students are able to familiarise themselves with the curriculum even before attending the live classes, and past graduates can always keep up with revised strategies and information after graduating.

Resource Library

Wealth Academy™ students get to tap on a resource library specially curated by Adam himself. One such resource is the Intrinsic Value Calculator, which goes hand-in-hand with the Value Momentum Investing™️ strategy taught in the Masterclass.

After identifying fundamentally strong companies, you will need to use the Intrinsic Value Calculator to determine if their current stock prices are higher or lower than what they are worth. This allows you to pinpoint the best moment to enter positions at discounted prices.

Monthly Support

As Wealth Academy™ graduates, you will receive Adam’s market analysis newsletters on a monthly basis. In these newsletters, Adam generally gives his insight on the current stock market conditions, his holdings and what is his investing/trading approach for the month.

Booster Sessions

There are multiple ways to achieve your financial goals and investing in the stock markets is just one of the many ways. After the Wealth Academy™ 6-day live training, you will be invited to a series of Booster Sessions where you can learn additional profit-making strategies outside the scope of the main curriculum.

Booster session topics include:
• How to build passive income with REITS
• Generating additional income with Stock Options
• Additional tips for stock investing and trading