Why Us?

At Wealth Academy™, we believe in lifelong learning; with the right guidance and community, everyone can learn to invest.

Rather than relying on textbook theory, we cover a more engaging, less jargon-filled syllabus where students from all walks of life enjoy as they learn to invest through up-to-date, interactive and real-world stock market examples.

Only at Wealth Academy™, you’ll learn Adam Khoo’s personal Value Momentum Investing™ (VMI) strategy. He combines the advantages of Value Investing and Momentum Trend methodologies that will help investors score larger margins of profits in both long and shorter-term timeframes by buying the best businesses at the best prices, at the best time.

Your Wealth Academy™ journey begins with a 4-day integrated online live masterclass that will help you to plan, earn, control, and multiply your wealth using Adam’s VMI and MTT strategies.

This 6-day masterclass is designed to strengthen your investing foundations and prepare you for our exclusive graduates’ support system and club that will last you a lifetime.

Here, we’ve built an active community of like-minded investors, ranging from housewives to executives, and even business owners dedicated to contributing their investing knowledge and experiences with one another for a common goal – to profit together consistently.

Since 2005, Wealth Academy™ is journeying with over 8000 graduates, forging success stories from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We’re passionate about empowering all investors, aspiring to veterans, in achieving consistent profits, and our mission is to transform the financial lives of our graduates by supporting them throughout their investing journey.

And we believe that you can create your own success story with us as well.