How To Profit By Using "Insider Trading" Information

In this article, we are exploring perfectly legal ways of utilising insider trading information to help us in our trading decisions. Simply because we are going to look at ways of getting public “insider” information that anyone can access at any time on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) website.
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Guaranteed Returns In Investing?

From time to time, we tend to encounter investment schemes that “guarantee” a certain rate of return (often in the range of 20% per year and above) and have a relatively short exit timeframe. Sounds too good to be true?
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Market Update: Moving Forward

If you look at the big picture of the S&P 500, you can see that over the last 1 year, it has been in one big consolidation period ever since peaking in Mid 2015. In fact, it has been making lower high points. This looks to me like a consolidation distribution period which may lead to a new bear market.
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Survey shows 2 in 3 young people have not started investing

Millennials want to invest but lack the financial knowledge to do so, according to a new survey. Around two-thirds have not started investing, said a report by GYC Financial Advisory. Of these, 61% do not invest because they do not know how to..
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3 Deadly Investment Mistakes You Must Avoid!

After investing for more than 20 years and speaking to thousands of amateurs and professional investors, I came to realise that most amateurs often make the following mistakes that often cause them to get “burnt”.
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The Power of Stock Price Trends

One of the most important principles in trading and investing is that an established trend in price is statistically more likely to continue in the direction of the trend than it is to reverse.
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Momentum Investing

Momentum investing is a stock investment strategy applied by some investors to take advantage of general greed in the market to buy when prices are on the upward and sell before every other person reacts.
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Understanding Investment Opportunities

In very simple terms, ‘investment opportunities’ refer to the avenues that you can use to invest your spare cash. There are many different types of investment opportunities available, depending on your risk appetite and your understanding of the various investment instruments.
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Contract For Difference: How It Works

It is a contract that allows you to enjoy the benefit/risks of buying a security without actually doing so. The settlement being only in cash is a lot simpler way to resolve than a physical transaction.